No matter how challenging the future seems to be in our ever-changing world, the Island House will always be your safe haven, and your island home.








Hear it directly from our team members!








Many of our staff were once just like you, when we were visitors to this magical island.









A vacation at Island House really is full of ‘pure imagination.’ Our latest video tribute is a visual thank-you to all of you who have walked through our doors, and a warm invite to those who have yet to come.







One of our PROUDEST marketing moments! Imagine our reaction when we received notification from Warner Brothers that the newest CHER video “Take It Like A Man” was going to be made of a compilation of the videos shot here at Island House! Check out the Andrew Christian boys in the iconic Island House Red Thunderbird as CHER sings one of our new favorite dance songs! Thank you CHER!









Island House extends a warm welcome to all types of gay men, regardless of body type! Unlike our wonderful friends at Andrew Christian, we don't all have chiseled abs and perfect pectoral muscles. So here's our fun-filled parody video showcasing some of the fun and outrageousness that is welcome by anybody on an average day at Island House!





You may have seen the Season 6 Island House episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2014, but if not, here are some of our favorite RPDR drag stars in a music video all about going on vacation to the Island House! We welcome every kind of gay man to enjoy our resort, even those who entertain us in their finest drag! Here’s DWV (Detox, Willam, Vicky Vox) in a spoof of The Go-Go’s “Vacation” filmed right here at Island House!






Officially released in November 2013, our fabulous Media Buzz Reel is now viewable to all! Enjoy seeing where we're at, where we've been, and the accolades we received since purchasing the Island House back in 1999.








Ever wonder what a day at the Island House is really like? Follow Kaleb and Gabriel as they experience what the Island House offers to you at the moment you arrive at our private tropical resort.






Are you ready to get wet? The boys of Andrew Christian are! Watch them getting soaked at the Miami Car Wash.







The boys of Andrew Christian paid a visit to the Island House in March of 2013, and we treated them to a fun daytrip to one of the most beautiful remote islands of the lower Florida Keys! Here's the amazing music video for Overboard! Part 1, tempting you to “get rescued” at the Island House Key West. (Special thanks to Rob and Bruce for letting us film on their beautiful catamaran!)












In 2006, photographer Jason Rowan invited
model Scott Wilson to Island House for a photo/video shoot. The concept was simple.
Jason and his camera just followed Scott
around reality-show style during the whole of
the four day visit.
You can look over the cameraman’s shoulder at

And view the video online here.

To download the video, right click here, and
select Save Target As.



































































































































































































The boys of Andrew Christian sought refuge at the Island House Resort for a little recovery time in paradise. Here they are enjoying all the fabulous amenities of our resort, all the while making friends and frisky connections every step of the way.












In 2007, Jason returned with model Levi Poulter for a second photo shoot. Levi is a little less shy than Scott—you’ll see all of him in the video.
The website is

And view the video online here.

To download the video, right click here, and select Save Target As.

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